Lightweight mesh/weave material minimizes wind resistance, allowing air to pass through. Comes wound with a special backing material that is to be removed after printing. Quick drying and abrasion resistant.


Duratex 8oz Mesh Banner - with Liner

A lightweight material with mesh weave minimizes wind resistance and allows air to pass through, ideal for use in windy areas.

Duratex 8oz Mesh Banner - Standard

This product features a polyester scrim and comes wound with a special backing material that is removed after printing. Strong to withstand outdoor climates but can be used indoors as well.

Duratex 9oz Mesh Banner - Premium without Liner

This heavy-duty, premium mesh material features a tear-resistant base and an extra gloss surface. Ideal for backlit banners, building warps, and other eye-catching applications.

Duratex 12oz Mesh Banner - Supreme

Our supreme mesh banner is a heavy-duty coated polyester scrim material with a 90/10 air flow made to withstand harsh, windy environments. This extremely tear-resistant product is weldable.

Duratex Mesh Banner - Black Back without Liner

This product is a unique specialty mesh with a black backside that allows for ease of viewing on building wraps or window graphics.

Duratex 6oz Mesh Banner - Speaker

This speaker mesh material has a 30/70 air flow, 1000 x 1000 denier scrim reinforcement and a 6 x 6 weave construction. It is weldable and ideal for stadium graphics.

Specify with Confidence

Flexible Media Printed Samples

Quality product, competitive price, local delivery! Duratex will meet your banner needs! Request a 7.5”x11” printed sample of one the most popular banner products.

  • Duratex 13oz Banner – Gloss
  • Duratex 13oz Banner – Matte
  • Duratex 15oz Double-Sided Smooth Banner
  • Duratex 8oz Mesh Banner with Liner
*Please note that samples are only available for trade professionals and that your company or corporation name is required for verification. Samples are only available within the continental US and Canada.