Duratex 6oz Speaker Mesh

Duratex Speaker Mesh Banner is a very lightweight mesh for windy areas. The mesh weave minimizes wind resistance and allows air to pass through the material with ease. This mesh has a 30/70 air flow, 1000x1000 denier scrim reinforcement and a 6x6 weave construction. It is weldable and ideal for stadium graphics.

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Duratex 6oz Speaker Mesh Data Sheet

Features + Benefits

  • Uniform Pattern
  • Tough Tear Resistant Base
  • Excellent Wind Flow
  • Can be Grommeted or Sewed


  • Outdoor Signage and Displays
  • Building Wraps
  • Stadium Wraps
  • Concert Venue Graphics
Product Information
196" x 164'
Physical Properties
15 mil
6oz/sq yd
1000 x 1000
Air Floating Rate::

This product can be grommeted for banner applications. Metal grommets should be inserted to penetrate 2-4 layers of materials for increased strength and durability.


It is recommended that when trimming this material to allow about 0.125-0.25" of white/unprinted border. It is not recommended to "bleed trim"” this material.

Storage & Handling

Material should be handled with white fabric gloves to prevent finger markings. After printing, unused material should be stored upright or suspended in its original packaging. Limited one year warranty when stored at 70°F, 50% relative humidity and out of direct sunlight in its original packaging.

Printer Compatibility

Compatible with most solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV curable inkjet printers using mesh kits.